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The ART OF CAPTURING VALUEMaine Drilling & Blasting specializes in drilling and blasting solutions for construction and quarry applications throughout the Northeastern United States. Bigelow enjoyed a close ten-year relationship with the Company, helping them to both build value, and ultimately capture that value for the second generation of the Founding Famliy and the 51% Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

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Since 1935, Bigelow LLC has been helping owner-managers of highly successful, privately-held companies achieve their professional and personal goals. While all of our clients have their own capital at risk, their goals are never strictly financial. For those who have made the personal and professional sacrifices to achieve extraordinary enterprise values, it is vital to find the best fit investor who most highly appreciates the enterprise. In the majority of cases, our clients also have complex family, legacy, and stakeholder considerations — multiple constituents “at the table.” We understand and welcome this complexity — and we have purposely structured and resourced our firm to address it.

Extraordinary COMMITMENT

At Bigelow, we value and appreciate the unique character strengths of our highly successful Entrepreneur Owner-Manager clients – their authenticity, initiative, fairness, gratitude, and zest. Our owner-manager clients are the most creative, energy-creating, high value-producing people that we have ever met.

“Perseverance”— Steady persistence in purpose, in spite of difficulties.

We select our clients as carefully as we choose our friends, concentrating only on a limited number of engagements where we can add significant value. Our activity together may last only a few months, but often these relationships extend over many fruitful years and multiple transactions. These life-long partnerships with our clients are based on an extraordinary level of commitment to achieving their professional and personal goals.

“We interviewed a significant number of qualified advisors, both big-name Wall Street firms and boutiques, and are damn glad we chose Bigelow. When we met with the other mergers & acquisitions firms a second time, we met the people who would actually be handling the deal – and they were puppies. They all talk about their wide area network of contacts, but I don’t think all their ‘connections’ mean much. As for choosing Bigelow, the results speak for themselves.”

Robert W. Horgan
Newmarket International