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The ART OF CAPTURING VALUEARD is a global leader in providing consulting services to developing countries in the fields of agriculture, governance, infrastructure, energy, environment, and natural resources. ARD’s strategic acquisition by Tetra Tech (NASDAQ-TTEK) gave the founder the freedom to move on to his “next chapter” as a philanthropist, which he had planned for years.

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Founded in 1935, Bigelow LLC is independently owned by our Managing Directors—unlike the large, diversified financial firms with whom we compete. Our only source of revenue is from our clients, and we thrive at having our own capital at risk.

Vast & Diverse EXPERIENCE

At Bigelow LLC, we exclusively advise Entrepreneur Owner-Managers who have highly successful businesses. Together we focus on two challenges: How do I create meaningful enterprise value? Someday, how do I capture that enterprise value in a capital gain transaction?

Over the past several years, we have closed over $3 billion in transactions ranging in size from $30 to $350 million. We believe in the discipline of weaving together diverse experiences, earned from numerous industries, to unlock inventive strategies that prove beneficial for Bigelow clients.


Because we are independently owned and agnostic as to industry, we are conflict-free. We are career-long practitioners of our craft who leverage our unique individual strengths into a collaborative team that has worked together on client engagements for an average of almost 20 years.

Our exceptional skills in value creation, combined with our team “swarm” methodology, enhance the value capture process.

We recognize that the qualitative fit of the next investment partner is vital to our clients. We honor the fact that the bottom line isn’t always everything.

Ours is not a “one-size-fits-all” commoditized process. We approach each client engagement with creativity and flexibility – developing adaptive solutions rooted in a clear understanding of each client’s goals, values, and industry.

Performance BEYOND the Expected

Clients frequently tell us that we surpassed their valuation expectations. We are committed to successfully structuring the ownership transition only to the right investor, for the right reasons.

At Bigelow LLC, we believe in being held accountable for our work. We share our clients’ risk through the mechanism of success fee compensation. We appreciate the compensation that results from our willingness to be highly “at risk” with our clients.

“Independent”— A small, privately owned business. Not Subject to another’s authority or jurisdiction.


We build long-term, mutually rewarding relationships that transcend transactions.

We behave as owners.

We tell the truth, quickly and candidly, even if it hurts. We always have parallel interests with our clients, with no ulterior motives.

“Bigelow not only had the functional capability, they had the track record and demonstrated capability to execute. Looking back at the transaction, Bigelow always put the client first. They displayed honesty, great integrity, and a team with exceptionally intertwined professional skill sets.”

Edward W. Cronin Jr.
President & CIO
Manchester Capital
Management, LLC