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The ART OF CAPTURING VALUEDearborn Precision Tubular Products’ proprietary methods effectively serve multiple end-markets for its high-precision tubular and rotating metal components manufacturing business. The acquisition by Hunting PLC was structured creatively, allowing the existing parters to “carve-out” and keep a small tube material tolling operation.

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Our PHILOSOPHY: Not a Cookie-Cutter APPROACH

At Bigelow, we first advise our owner-manager clients on value creation strategies, and then attain the highest achievable values for them through recapitalization or divestiture. We are known for our willingness to invest the time, active listening, and empathy required to satisfy the objectives of multiple stakeholders. It is not a cookie-cutter approach. It takes a lot of energy and time spent understanding the specific circumstances of each owner-managed business.

Starting the “Someday” CONVERSATION

At Bigelow, we are able to think like outside investors — so we can give you objective insight into how others will view and value your company. We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the steps you are taking or need to take in order to ensure that your enterprise will receive the highest valuation possible in three to five years time.

Proprietary Process for Building & CAPTURING VALUE

Bigelow LLC’s proprietary process is flexible but formal. We maximize confidentiality through staged disclosure of information and we relentlessly manage the process to a successful closing. The process involves:

Building Enterprise Value

  • Assess and evaluate the industry, timing, attractiveness, and key characteristics including competitive dynamics
  • Refine company strategy in light of industry drivers
  • Identify key company characteristics such as concentration risk
  • Segment customers and products to evaluate potential opportunities
  • Size addressable market utilizing company information and third party reports
  • Craft a strategic planning process, if necessary, to enable management to develop an actionable growth plan
  • Identify dashboard of business metrics to measure performance
  • Initiate focused return on invested capital planning
  • Discuss management evolution — the right managers in the right roles
  • Advise on critical areas of diligence to perform in advance of a someday transaction
  • Monitor and advise on company metrics to stakeholders

Capturing Enterprise Value

  • Assess and build consensus among stakeholders on the strategic alternatives
  • Assess the industry characteristics, company strategy, and competitive dynamics
  • Build upon your existing advisory team to create a world-class mergers & acquisitions team
  • Develop the next best investor’s growth “story”
  • Search worldwide for the best strategic or financial investor
  • Position the company to optimize its market value
  • Evaluate many potential candidates; proceed with a select few
  • Customize the approach to each investor based on unique investor “hot buttons”
  • Create company descriptive information, shared through technology enabled platform (no “book”)
  • Orchestrate investor meetings
  • Populate a confidential online data room to share company information with investors
  • Negotiate and structure the transaction for the best price, terms, and conditions

Our value-capturing process utilizes the latest research tools and web-based technology to streamline and accelerate information flow.

“I admire Bigelow LLC’s attention to detail, professionalism, and flexibility. They had a good feel for the industry, used the right comparative companies and got up to speed quickly. While some of our Board members were completely focused on capturing the financial value of the company, I always placed more value on getting the right partner. I wanted to make sure the company would go forward in the right direction. Bigelow LLC succeeded in satisfying everyone – Board members, employees, and investors.”

William P. Duncan, Ph.D.
President, Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute, Inc.
Member of Board of Directors Phoenix Scientific, Inc.

“Our discussions with clients frequently begin years before a liquidity event. In fact, we regularly meet with owner-managers who are interested in building value in their enterprises so that they may capture it someday down the road.”

David Linton

David C. Linton
Managing Director
Bigelow LLC