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The ART OF CAPTURING VALUESafe Handling is a first mover in the logistics industry. It provides full-service processing, transportation, warehousing, and translating of bulk chemical products for large process customers. Recognizing that he had taken the company far beyond his expectations, the visionary founder sought a transition in management and ownership - and confidence that he was putting his company in the hands of a new majority investors with a great strategic fit.

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In our experience, very few of the most successful Entrepreneur Owner-Managers operate as lone cowboys—alone at the top. They complement their own strengths not only with a top-level management team, but also the right outside advisors. Typically these might include outside corporate accountants, corporate and estate planning attorneys, and wealth management advisors. Many of the best companies we’ve worked with have gone a step further and created an advisory board to add further depth of expertise and perspective.

Bigelow’s Role as PROJECT LEADER

At Bigelow, we value and appreciate the unique character strengths of our highly successful Entrepreneur Owner-Manager clients – their authenticity, initiative, fairness, gratitude, and zest. Our owner-manager clients are the most creative, energy creating, high value-producing people that we have ever met.

What to Look for in a mergers & acquisitions

Most of our clients are not regular users of investment banking advisory services, and choosing the right advisor can be a daunting task.

We’re pleased to share with you the characteristics that we would look for – if we were in your shoes. Click here to download the PDF.

Putting the Advisory Team in CONTEXT

From our perspective, there is great value in creating a community of experts who can serve in an advisory capacity to owner-managers of privately held companies. There is lasting impact in bringing together these advisors for the purpose of exploring shared experiences and issues.

“I’ve worked with several M&A advisory firms in my career as CEO of Dictaphone Corporation. When I met Bigelow, I said to MacLeod, ‘This is all pretty impressive, but where are the junior people that are actually going to run the deal?’ And he said to me, ‘We don’t have any junior guys. This is it, you’re stuck with us.’ And that was true to form. It was an unbelievable experience.”

— Robert Schwager Founder/CEO Q-Centrix LLC

“Like many owner-managed enterprises, we’ve relied on the same accounting and legal advisors for many years – but we needed a different level of talent to help us with the sale of our company and our subsequent investment needs. Bigelow LLC brought in and managed a ‘SWAT’ team of world class advisors who understand the complex issues involved in selling a family-owned business.”

Jeffrey H. Webster
J.A. Webster, Inc.

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