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The ART OF CAPTURING VALUELevel One was founded with the specific objective of becoming the premier technology enabled marketing service for the multi-family apartment industry. Their proprietary technology, world class employee development program, and outsourced service offerings gave the incoming, newly public acquirer, an immediate return on investment. Bigelow led a strategic planning dialogue several years in advance to help position the company as a first mover in the market.

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Intellectual PROPERTY

Worrell, Peter R., David C. Linton, and Robert E. MacLeod. If You Want to Earn a Capital Gain Someday: Six Things You Can Do Right Now. Portsmouth: Blue Tree, 2015.

Enterprising business owners will find a wealth of useful advice in this practical, hands-on book is filled with nuggets of information—and recommendations—from veterans of the private transaction market that any private business owner will be able to put to immediate use. Each chapter concludes with a compilation of thoughtful, focusing questions designed to inspire interested Entrepreneur Owner-Managers (EOMs) to discover their own answers.

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Worrell, Peter R. Enterprise Value: How the Best Owner-Managers Build Their Fortune, Capture Their Company’s Gains, and Create Their Legacy. New York, NY: McGraw Hill, 2014.

Worrell’s first book is written for seasoned, successful Entrepreneur Owner-Managers who are thinking about the long term sustainability of their organizations, beyond their personal ownership of it. It is constructed on the theoretical foundations of corporate finance and positive psychology, but is informed and flavored with entertaining real-life, first-person stories that illustrate its lessons about ownership and management succession. Worrell serves as an expert coach, employing humor and insight as he recounts the struggles of large numbers of owner-managers who, with Bigelow’s guidance, have successfully handed off their beloved businesses to the best next majority investors…and created a fortune in doing so. Worrell even divulges a bit of Bigelow’s unique secret sauce, teaching strategies for dealing successfully with the Seller Beware in the Private Transaction Market, how to leverage industry drivers to build Enterprise Value, and how best to find the “needle in the haystack” best fit investors to create positive legacy. The book showcases the contributions of these Entrepreneur Owner-Managers, and reveals what Worrell terms the genius of the pro-social benefits they bring to employees, customers, and all stakeholders in their communities.

Learn more about Enterprise Value: How the Best Owner-Managers Build Their Fortunes, Capture Their Company’s Gains, and Create Their Legacy.

Kauffman FastTrac Selected Enterprise Value as Their First Featured Book in 2015.

Enterprise Value: How the Best Owner-Managers Earn a Fortune and a Positive Legacy (McGraw-Hill, 2014) was selected as the first work for 2015 featured by the Kauffman FastTrac Author Series. Author Pete Worrell presented a live webinar highlighting selected themes, stories, and lessons learned from Enterprise Value, and the positive energy that fueled it.

Entrepreneur Strengths Study: Results from a Preliminary Study of the Brief Signature Strengths and GRIT-S Scale of Seasoned Entrepreneurs, 2011.

A unique preliminary study on the VIA Signature Strengths of Entrepreneurs. Do seasoned successful entrepreneurs exhibit a blend of unique signature character strengths and persistence compared to the general population? Are there affirmative characteristics that they share? When it comes to character, what are the different components of character specific to entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneur Owner-Manager Risk Tolerance

Bigelow and Harvard’s Kennedy School jointly conducted a research project on the risk tolerance level of entrepreneurs and their expert advisors. Overall, the research results were in conflict with the general population’s view of Entrepreneur Owner-Managers as risk takers.

Video Case: The Case of the Uncertain Entrepreneur

Bigelow created this video case which showcases the unique situations owner-managers bring to the table when contemplating ownership and leadership transition in their privately held business. In this video, Shannon, an Entrepreneur Owner-Manager, is contemplating the sale of her business. Common issues are raised about management structure and needs, family ownership concerns, ambiguity, juxtaposed against her personal goals and ambitions outside of the business.