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Worrell’s first book is written for seasoned, successful Entrepreneur Owner-Managers who are thinking about the long term sustainability of their organizations, beyond their personal ownership of it. It is constructed on the theoretical foundations of corporate finance and positive psychology, but is informed and flavored with entertaining real-life, first-person stories that illustrate its lessons about ownership and management succession.

TEDxAmoskeagMillyard 2013: The Greatest Force for Economic (and Social) Good

In this talk, Peter Worrell, author of “Enterprise Value,” argues that the entrepreneur’s mindset not only creates personal value for the entrepreneur, but also unlocks the most positive pro-social, pro-economic forces in the world — and encourages you to consider adopting the adopting the entrepreneur’s mindset for yourself.


Movers, Shakers and Dealmakers
Interview with Peter R. Worrell Managing Director of Bigelow LLC

How Entrepreneurs Should Prepare for Eventual Acquisition

3 Questions: Peter Worrell on How Entrepreneurs Should Prepare for Eventual Acquisition

How the Rules Have Changed

3 Questions: Peter Worrell on How the Rules Have Changed

Real Reasons Acquisitions Fail

3 Questions: Peter Worrell on How the Rules Have Changed

Video Case: The Case of the Uncertain Entrepreneur

Bigelow created this video case which showcases the unique situations owner-managers bring to the table when contemplating ownership and leadership transition in their privately held business. In this video, Shannon, an Entrepreneur Owner-Manager, is contemplating the sale of her business. Common issues are raised about management structure and needs, family ownership concerns, ambiguity, juxtaposed against her personal goals and ambitions outside of the business.


Live Interview with Dr. Angela L. Duckworth, New York Times best-selling author of GRIT

At our 2016 Forum, Peter Worrell had a spontaneous, candid, and unscripted conversation with Dr. Duckworth.  In this podcast you will hear her terrific and insightful thoughts.

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Podcast interview with Peter R. Worrell on the Golden Age of Mergers and Acquisitions

Peter R. Worrell, author of Enterprise Value: How the Best Owners-Managers Build Their Fortune, Capture Their Company’s Gains, and Create Their Legacy, discusses the importance for entrepreneurial owner-managers to prepare for the eventual acquisition of his or her company. Worrell is the managing director at Bigelow LLC, which deals exclusively with the private market, and has personally worked with owner-manager clients for over thirty years. He discusses the private market today, how the golden age for mergers and acquisitions has yet to pass, and the most significant reason most acquisitions fail.

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