We are not privileged; we are not entitled. We succeed only when our clients do.

One Unique Collaborative Team

We strive to be the best M&A advisory firm exclusively focused on our target niche: advising Entrepreneur Owner-Managers to achieve their personal and professional goals by first building, and then someday capturing their Enterprise Value in a capital gain transaction. We do this by operating as a unique collaborative team of experienced professionals leveraging our individual strengths and collective experience.

We have developed our proprietary “swarm” strategy, where—unlike our bureaucratic competitors whose teams are made up of junior people usually relegated to specific roles in industry silos—we approach each new client engagement with a collaborative team of senior experienced professionals who have complementary functional skills and creative strengths.

We intentionally work only with a select number of clients each year. Candidly, this allows us to concentrate all of our Team’s energy, creativity, and talent on a few clients to whom we bring great value. Because we succeed only when our clients do, our “skin is in the game” — big time. We personally research, negotiate, and manage all aspects of every engagement, and pride ourselves on building long-term, mutually rewarding relationships that transcend mere transactions.

The VIA Inventory of Strengths (VIA-IS) is a psychological assessment measure designed to identify an individual’s profile of character strengths. It was created by Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman, two of the most well-known thought leaders in the field of Positive Psychology. With this knowledge, individuals can begin to capitalize and build upon their particular strengths. Bigelow’s Unique Team has been assembled specifically to leverage our individual unique strengths and collective experiences. Employing the VIA has been a valuable tool to allow us to identify and appreciate our diverse signature strengths.